I am proud to say that 2016 represented a milestone year, with TSIL growing to 136 active members located throughout United States and surpassing $125,000,000 in annual written workers’ compensation premium. The membership also declared a record profit distribution of nearly $22,000,000 to its shareholders in April of 2016!

From a modest start in 1993, TSIL and its members have enjoyed consistent financial results while developing a strong balance sheet. Not only do we have policies and procedures in place to monitor members to help make sure we are all successful, but members who perform well are also rewarded with dividends. Since our success is directly tied to risk management, it is important to implement good safety programs and manage your claims. With the implementation of TRIAD, members have been given access to many tools in order to create a world class risk control program. I would feel remiss if I did not mention our Medcor program because if utilized, it will potentially save thousands of dollars in claims.

The biggest challenges we face as owners of temporary help/staffing companies are financing and insurance issues. TSIL is an excellent choice to solve an owner’s workers’ compensation concerns because our program is the perfect alternative to traditional workers’ compensation. All members are affected by the same challenges and come together with a common bond through TSIL. When we face challenges (SCHIP, ACA, etc.) as a group of business partners, we can generally find solutions by meeting them head on and working through them.

In addition, we also enjoy the benefits of buying power which allows us flexibility and continual growth through our partners and service providers. All members appreciate the opportunity to have feedback from and give feedback to all of our service providers. Without the diligent service of our partners and service providers, TSIL would not be able to attain its level of results. Congratulations are in order to all of our partners and service providers!

Most important to the success of TSIL is the hard work put forth by the executive committee, committee chairs, vice chairs and membership. We are all business partners in an industry where sometimes competitors have difficulty coexisting. TSIL brings us together with a common goal to succeed and be successful in our industry. I believe as a result of commonality and working together our potential for results is unlimited.

Tim Dennis, TSIL President